Interview: Six String Mafia

Are you ready to join the family?

A pair of local musicians want you to join their family.
Adam Caillavet of Orange and Lee Pelly of Beaumont have been performing acoustic showcases together for nearly one year. Both men are well known within the local music community from their bands as Caillavet sings for Forever Falls and Pelly is the vocalist from Knuckle Deep.
Although the pair have been performing together for many months, Pelly and Caillavet will debut their official music act, Six String Mafia, this Friday night at Pacesetterís Lounge in Beaumont. Admission is $5 for ages 21 and older. The group will also perform on Saturday at the Major League Grill off Dowlen Road in Beaumont.
The always entertaining duo could not wait to sit down and explain what Six String Mafia is all about and why they decided to make the move to an official group name.

Six String Mafia
Local Music Guide: How would you describe Six String Mafia?

Lee Pelly: Itís a fun acoustic band. We do all of the covers we want to do, whether itís obscure stuff from the í50s or newer stuff you would never expect to hear from us, much less acoustic.

Adam Caillavet: We also move through the decades as the show goes on. This will be a more planned out type of show than what we usually do.

LP: (laughing) We donít even have a set list. We just fly by the seat of our pants.
Lee Pelly

LMG: Why did you decide to form an official group out of this now after so many months?

AC: Lee and I wanted a change from our normal, high-energy rock shows with our other bands. We play so much together anyway (laughing). I guess we got tired of saying, ďHi, Iím Lee, and Iím Adam.Ē Plus, itís easier to have a name to represent what we do.

LMG: You both seem to have a real chemistry together.

LP: Yeah, we do, but thereís still a lot of people who havenít seen that yet. We feed off of each other and interact with the crowd, but the main thing about it is that it is fun. Adam and I have a ball together.

LMG: Is there a meaning behind the name?

LP: Weíve known each other and our bands for years. We feel like family. So, thatís what we want it to be. We want everyone to be part of our family. Our fans are part of it. Our family is growing and it will include more musicians too.

LMG: It seems like you have a real bond with your fans already.

AC: We think so. Itís the whole show. We want to sing songs that people want to sing to also, the ones that give you that feeling of going back in time. Itís more fun when the crowd is part of the show.
Adam Caillavet

LMG: Are you surprised by how much this how grown since you joined forces for random shows last year?

AC: This is different from what we usually do, but I believe Lee and I sound well together. Our voices blend well and we really do have fun up there on stage. Itís like you get a comedy show plus you get to listen to some of your favorite songs, whether itís Willie Nelson, Duran Duran, Rihanna, Warrant, Alice in Chains or whatever. We just want people to come out and have fun also.

LP: Itís easy and it flows well between us. The crowd will sense that, and I think theyíll enjoy it. Itís all about fun, and thatís what it is every time.

People attending Fridayís showcase can receive a two-for-one entry special by bringing in an artist card from Santa Fe Tattoos if they receive ď13Ē tattoo on Friday, April 13.
For more information, search Lee Pelly or Adam Caillavet on Facebook.
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