Venue Spotlight: The Gig

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Most people are familiar with the Crockett Street Entertainment District in downtown Beaumont. Live music remains a factor in the district and most especially at The Gig.

The venue is the main attraction of the district and features live music at least once every weekend. The month of April looks to be the best yet at The Gig with a variety of shows, including local, regional and national touring acts.

Ages 18 and older are always welcome. The venue caters to many generes of music, including Southern rock, hard rock, mainstream, Top 40, heavy metal, Salsa and even Texas country on occassion. Admission varies, typically between $5-$10 per person depending on age and bands.

Here's a list of what's coming up at The Gig this month....

April 4 The Toadies, The Phuss, Sea Lion $25 in adv.
April 6 Battery (Metallica tribute band) with Neil to Aldrin $10.
April 12 We Were Wolves
April 13 DJ SK8
April 20 Alyson Chayns (Alice in Chains tribute band) and Nude Dragons (Soundgarden tribute band)
April 21 Illusion Five, Simple Design
April 28 Sprial Out (Tool tribute band) and Priests of Hiroshima (Rage Against the Machine tribute band)

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