Sivan "A Sword Is Upon The Liars"

One of the best live bands in Southeast Texas has made one of the best CD's you will want to put your hands on as soon as you can.

Sivan's 2006 EP, "A Sword Is Upon The Liars," rocks from start to finish. The intro, which happens to be the name of the CD, is a bit odd, but the disc takes no prisoners from that point on.

Highlight tracks include the live favorites, Kill Your Television and Running Through A Darkened Forest as you can't help but bang your head, tap your foot or jump up and down.

What's more impressive is the remaining tracks, Sparkle (Sparkle) Robot, Fashion Victim, The Daggers of Frey Herren and This Is A Nightmare rock hard too.

You can't pigeonhole Sivan into one single genre as their style of music encompasses many areas of the music spectrum, including metal, emo and even a bit of synth rock.

If you like Sivan live, then you will want to own the CD. Pick it up next time you see these guys in concert!
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