Pitbull is the real deal

This artist knows how to put on a show!

OK, I admit it. I was wrong.

American music artist, rapper and entrepeneur Pitbull left little doubt as to why he is one of the most popular music artists of the past few years as his show this past Saturday (Feb. 6, 2016) proved.
Pitbull 5
Pitbull performed in front of a standing-room only capacity-crowd inside the Grand Event Center of the Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles, La. and left the audience begging for more. From the opening notes of the first song, the crowd danced and jumped and the floor literally bounced, which was an odd sensation as the facility is on the second floor level of the casino.

Songs included Fireball, Timber, Fun, Hey Baby, Bon Bon and many others which kept the fun going from start to finish, and the six dancers accompanying Pitbull on the majority of the songs helped to keep the energy flowing and the crowd dancing along.

Pitbull also delivered seveveral positive messages to the fans.

"Invite all of the positive things you can in to your life, not the negative. If someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time they do it," he said as the crowd roared.

He also reminded the crowd why he felt a strong connection with the Lake Charles-faithful.

"We all know what it is to hustle, to struggle and sacrifice," he added. "It's all about hard work, and that's why we feel so close to Lake Charles."

Pitbull 2
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