Meet the Throwndown Kings

A new band is on the scene and they debut this weekend!

A new band with some familiar faces is about to make its debut on the local music scene. The group is called the Throwdown Kings and the show takes place this Saturday night (Jan. 16, 2016) at Madison's in Beaumont for ages 21 and older. Admission is charged at the door.

In order to help familiarize area music supporters with the band, LMG decided to do a little Q & A with the Throwdown Kings. The group features Rob Copeland on vocals and guitar, as well as keyboards and percussion; John Jagneaux on guitars and vocals; Danny Broussard on bass and vocals; and Mark Havard on drums and percussion.

Local Music Guide: How long ago did the group form? And why did it take until now to make your live debut?

Rob Copeland: Danny, Mark, and myself started out a little over a year ago. We've been really focused on putting together a great show. We had worked with a few guitarists before Mr. Jagneaux found his way to us. All of them were really great players, but John was "the right guy for the job" and it just happened where he became available right as we were looking for a lead player. It really helped complete the sound we were looking for, which has been great. It took a little while, but the lineup we have now is the right fit. It also took a while to develop sets that we thought would appeal to a wide variety of folks. We tried to put a lot of thought into what we would play (how it flows, how it sounds, and a good balance between genres etc.). Danny really deserves a lot of credit putting the set orders together. It's a great mix of songs and I think the audience will really have a good time.

LMG: What kind of music will the band perform?

RC: We really try to cover as much ground as possible. The whole idea was to be able to play anywhere, and anyone who checks out the band should be able to enjoy. We want to play a huge variety of material, but with a through line/sound/feel that ties it all together regardless of the genre of song.

LMG: Was having such a variety of music an objective of the band or was it the result of each members separate influences and tastes?

RC: I think each member for sure brings some flavor to what/how we play and I think that will show up on stage. We go from Dwight Yoakam to Billy Idol to Jimi Hendrix to Daft Punk to ZZ Top to Hall and Oates and everywhere in between. It's a lot of songs everyone knows and enjoys, but with our own take/feel on it which keeps it interesting. It's pretty fun to go from one genre to the next. It keeps it fresh to us, and hopefully the audience as well.

LMG: Is there any plan for the group to create original material? Do you have any yet?

RC: We have a good amount of original material. We've been recording and developing songs for awhile. We wanted to get the band launched and out of the gate before we released them and incorporated them into our sets but they are coming VERY soon.

LMG: How would you describe it?

RC: I'd say it's heavily blues based rock n roll....for now! Haha! I'm to a point in my life, creatively, where I'm just writing songs that mean something to me and just as important, what's fun to play. I think the whole band is there as well. We're not going to try to write a certain kind of material. We want to just let it be what it is and not try to force it in any given direction. We have a good amount of complete songs that can stand alone, and/or really fit nicely into the musicscape of the show, so it'll be fun to sneak them in live.

LMG: Any other shows scheduled yet? If so, when and where?

RC: We will be announcing more shows later in the month. Mainly, we wanted to focus on this weekend as sort of a "Launch Party" and keep the focus there till after these shows. After that we'll be "up and running" and everything else (shows/original music/videos etc.) will start to roll in.

LMG: Where can people find out more about the Throwdown Kings?
RC: At and on Facebook

Throwdown Kings
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