Review: South by Southeast Texas

Six bands, one night. A really good show.

Attendance wasn't exactly standing room only, but those who did witness the South by Southeast Texas concert on Thursday night (March 12, 2015) at the Jefferson Theatre in downtown Beaumont may have witnessed the beginning of something amazing.

Global Mix Entertainment presented what could possibly the first of many amazing events featuring local, and quite possibly, national artists. The concept of South by Southeast Texas was to present a variety of local talent to the music loving masses in a non-club, non-bar atmosphere while showcasing a historic venue in the process.

A new band, Growling Owls, opened the show. The band, whose sound seemed a bit rock, country and Americana at times, was added to the lineup only days before the show, but still managed to perform admirably. There were some rough patches in the quartet's concert performance, but these four men seem to have enough experience to smooth those spots out pretty quickly with more rehearsals and concerts.

Danny Dillon and West 105 were up next and this six piece band brought a well polished sound to the Jefferson Theatre stage. The band, which is predominantly country but likes to touch it up with a dash of rock, performed a great mix of covers by artists such as Cross Canadian Ragweed and Tom Petty, while mixing in some quality original material like the song Whiskey in Tears. This group will definitely be on the rise throughout the year.

The most recognizable name on the bill was local hard rock outfit Knuckle Deep. The group is known for its down and dirty, in your face rock and roll fun and was excited to be performing at this historic venue. The band's set started out a bit shaky with on stage sound difficulties, but Knuckle Deep quickly found its footing and cut loose with a 40 minute set of original material, including well known tracks such as Clinch and Barstool Preacher, while including new songs like Middle Finger and Moonshine. A solid set as always from this veteran quartet.

Up next was The Keith Kire Band and this group delivered true classic-country sounding performance. The band, which was missing its fiddle player due to illness and utilizing a stand-in guitarist, didn't miss a beat throughout its showcase. The group's choice of cover songs by artists like Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck and Brooks & Dunn just made you want to two-step your way around the Jefferson Theatre.

In between set changes throughout the evening, the acoustic duo known as Curse and the Cure performed 15 to 20 minute mini-sets to keep the audience entertained. The duo, which features the amazing vocal talents of Norma Hopson and Jason Touchette, earned many new fans this night. Between the pair's original songs such as 3 a.m., Record Collection and Bonnie and Clyde and their choice of cover songs by artists such as Katy Perry and Alanis Morissette, and their obvious enjoyment of just being on stage, the pair easily stole the spotlight.

Closing the night was local rock outfit Atlas. The four-piece rock band was a fitting choice to close the show because the band's high energy sound appealed to a rowdier fan base, all of whom quickly went to the front of the theater and rocked out for 40 minutes. The group's original material was fiery, loud and fun, while it's cover of Shepherd of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold was actually quite impressive. Sadly, as good as the band's performance was, Atlas has announced prior to the show that this would indeed be the band's final performance ever. At least it was one worth remembering.

All in all, South by Southeast Texas was a good show. Success isn't always measured in dollar signs and attendance figures, sometimes, just sometimes, it is measured in the event and the intent behind it. Let's see what happens next!
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