Golden Nugget shines with debut show

First concert was a shining success!

Weeks of anticipation left few disappointed as the first concert event at Southwest Louisiana’s newest casino was a huge success.

Country music artist LeAnn Rimes performed to a near capacity crowd this past Saturday night inside The Grand Ballroom of the Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles. Not only was this an exciting night for music fans, but it was the very first concert in The Grand Ballroom to feature a nationally recognized artist.

“This is an exciting time,” said Brad Rhines, vice president of marketing for Golden Nugget Casinos. “The crowd seems to be really excited for this event too. The community has been great to us since we opened and the people from Texas have been great as well. We’ve received a lot of support from everyone.”

The Grand Ballroom is a spacious concert and event facility which can accommodate as many as 2,400 guests, which makes it the largest event facility at any of the casinos in Lake Charles or Vinton.

The LeAnn Rimes concert is the first in a string of concerts over the next few weeks at the Golden Nugget.

“The LeAnn Rimes concert is more about the entertainment genre than it is about it being our very first show,” Rhines explained. “LeAnn was very pumped up and excited about being our first concert artist, but we have picked our shows to compliment what is already here in the market.

“Country and western seem to be the most popular with fans in the area,” he continued. “We will have other events like classic rock shows and Asian shows such as mixed martial arts, but we really just want to compliment what’s already here in the market.”

More than 1,600 tickets had already been sold prior to the start of the LeAnn Rimes concert, and tickets for the venue’s upcoming concerts featuring Merle Haggard on Jan. 31 and Alabama on Feb. 6 and Feb. 7 are moving briskly. Obviously, fans appear to be excited about the newest entertainment option.

“I can’t believe how big this room is,” said Ellen Willis of Orange who attended the show with several friends. “I’m a big LeAnn Rimes fan, and I was excited she was coming so close to our area. This ballroom is huge and the casino is so much bigger than I expected. Everything and everyone are so nice here too. It’s been a great experience so far.”

Rimes started the concert shortly after 8 p.m., Saturday and dazzled the audience with a mix of original material and touching covers.

While performing songs such as “Life Goes On,” “I Need You,” “Swingin’,” “Spitfire,” “Borrowed” and songs “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith and “Poison and Wine” by The Civil Wars, Rimes bantered back and forth with the crowd which included outbursts about how attractive some felt she looked and even a callout for her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, who watched the show from the wings of the stage and stepped out long enough to acknowledge the crowd following a bit of prompting from his wife.

Rimes appeared to have fun interacting with the crowd, and even blushed a time or two she said after receiving so much praise and compliments from the adoring crowd. Hopefully, Rimes will keep Southwest Louisiana on her tour schedule for future dates after such a successful and eventful night.

For more information on the Golden Nugget and its upcoming entertainment schedule, visit
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